The Astonishing History of Troy Town

Yet we were vastly genteel. We even had our shibboleth, a verdict to be passed before anything could hope for toleration in Troy. The word to be pronounced was "CUMEELFO," and all that was not Cumeelfo was Anathema.
From Troy Town, Chapter I
Troy Town cover showing scarecrow

The Astonishing History of Troy Town (or simply Troy Town, as it is often known) was Q’s second novel. It was written in London but it is set in Fowey, in Cornwall. It combines social satire with vivid descriptions of the surrounding world. It is a light novel, but it does contain the darker theme of a terrorist plot.

This section contains a variety of resources on the novel. There is a chapter-by-chapter summary of the plot and short articles on the main themes and the dating of the plot. The article on the geographical context shows some of the locations in the novel on a map. You can also read a series of profiles of the main characters.

For a fuller discussion of Troy Town, see this study.

You can read the novel yourself on the Internet Archive site or download the text from Project Gutenberg.