Here you will find information on some of Q’s many literary and academic works. The resources provided include short articles, chronologies, summaries, character profiles, maps and other features. Some of these resources may also provide useful material for future researchers.

This is the place where you can start to explore a particular work. Links are provided to take you to longer articles elsewhere on the site that discuss a particular work in more detail. You will also find links to online copies of the novels, stories and lectures.

Image Date Type Theme
Ia and Paul take each others' hands in the stream Ia, a Love Story
A story of unrequited and undeserved love set in the south west of Cornwall
1896 Novel Folklore, Medicine
view of the Fowey river Hocken and Hunken
A comedy based on life in the town of Fowey
1912 Novel History, Maritime, Science
On The Art of Writing 1921 Lecture Education
Detail from the cover of The Splendid Spur showing a spur and a strap which bears the title of the book The Splendid Spur
A historical novel set in the English Civil War
1889 Novel History, Politics, War
Cover of Dead Man's Rock showing rocks jutting out into the sea Dead Man’s Rock
Q's first novel, an adventure story set on the coast of Cornwall
1887 Novel Maritime
Cover of Fort Amity Fort Amity
A historical novel set in north-eastern America with the main action taking place from 1758 to 1760
1904 Novel History, Politics, War
Old photograph showing street view Harry Revel
A mystery story that turns into a historical novel set in the Peninsular War
1903 Novel War
Photograph of young Cornish sailor, taken around 1900 Poison Island
An adventure story about the hunt for lost treasure
1906 Novel Maritime
The Blue Pavilions
A historical novel set at the end of the Seventeenth Century
1891 Novel Education, Maritime, War
view of the Fowey river The Mayor of Troy
A tragi-comedy about life in a Cornish town
1906 Novel Politics
The Ship of Stars
A novel about innocence and betrayal
1899 Novel Education, Politics, Religion
Troy Town cover showing scarecrow The Astonishing History of Troy Town
A sharply observed novel about life in a Cornish town
1888 Novel Politics, Religion
grassy lane Noughts and Crosses
A collection of short stories and sketches drawing on traditions of storytelling
1891 Short story collection Folklore, Mythology, Religion
Illustration of an older man talking to a younger man who appears in distress I Saw Three Ships and other Winter’s Tales
A collection of short stories
1892 Short story collection Folklore, Mythology
detail of patterned endpaper from book A Lecture on Lectures
An argument for education that allows young people to explore and experiment
1927 Lecture Education
Handwritten letter Q A Lecture on Tradition and Orthodoxy
A reply to T.S. Eliot on the importance of tradition and the value of rationality
1934 Lecture Religion
detail from Q's bookplate showing part of heraldic crest Lectures on Byron and Shelley
Two poets and their different relationships with society
1922 Lecture Politics
fragment of Q's handwriting Lectures on the Art of Reading
The importance of a liberal education system with great literature at its heart
1920 Lecture Education
small section of endpaper from book Lectures on some Seventeenth Century Poets
The importance of being aware of harmony and order in the universe
1918 Lecture Politics, Religion