Chapter Summaries

Chapter I

Date: Thursday, 31 March, 1881 (evening)

Location: 1 Alma Villas, Troy

Priscilla and Lavinia Limpenny are hosting a social evening for the Buzza family, Mr. Moggridge and the vicar, all members of the ‘cumeelfo’. Sam Buzza arrives from the ‘Man o’ War’ club with the news of new tenants for ‘The Bower’, the Hon. Frederic and Geraldine Goodwyn-Sandys, who will be arriving by train on the following day at 12 o’clock. Although the status of the tenants appears to be confirmed by reference to ‘Burke’, the Goodwyn-Sandys are in fact Irish terrorists awaiting a consignment of explosives from a craft called the ‘Maryland’.

Chapter II

Date: Friday, 1 April, ‘April Fools’ Day’, midday 

Location: Troy station – Station Road

Mr. Philip Fogo, the former lover of the real Geraldine O’Halloran, arrives at Troy station to a rapturous reception from the populace who are under the impression that he is the Hon. Frederic, until Admiral Buzza discovers the error.

Chapter III

Date: Friday, 1 April (afternoon)

Location: Troy quay – King of Prussia inn

Mr. Fogo is informed by Caleb Trotter, a Troy docker, of a quiet, rentable property called Kit’s House. It is one mile up-river and is owned by the Dearloves of Henwood.

Location: The Bower

The Goodwyn-Sandys arrive by carriage from Five Lanes Junction and move unannounced into ‘The Bower’, observed by Miss Limpenny and Admiral Buzza.

Chapter IV

Date: Friday, 1 April (late afternoon)

Location: Troy river from Troy to Henwood

Caleb Trotter rows Mr. Fogo up to Henwood to see the Dearloves about renting Kit’s House. Mr. Fogo meets Tamsin Dearlove whom he is later to marry.

Story 1: Caleb informs Mr. Fogo that Kit’s House was built where a medieval lazar-house once stood and the lepers occasionally walked at night. At one time a girl from Troy fell in love with a leper and went to live in the lazar-house. 

Chapter V

Date: Friday, 1 April (late afternoon to 11 pm)

Location: Kit’s House (on Mixtow Pill)

Mr. Fogo rents Kit’s House from the Dearloves, with Caleb as housekeeper. The house is described. Mr. Fogo informs Caleb that he wants no women near the property.

Story 2: Caleb’s sea tale. In an aside the reader learns that Caleb’s fiancée had eloped with a Russian. 

Chapter VI

Date: Saturday, 2 April (5 pm)

Location: Bower Slip and Troy river

The Goodwyn-Sandys take to the river. They are observed by Miss Limpenny and Admiral Buzza from the terrace at the rear of their properties. Miss Limpenny falls down the terrace steps.

Date: Sunday, 3 April

Location: Troy church

The Goodwyn-Sandys worship at St. Symphorian’s church, observed by an unusually large congregation.

Date: Monday, 4 April (am)

Location: 2 Alma Villas

Admiral Buzza and his daughters decide to visit the Goodwyn-Sandys.

Chapter VII

Date: Monday, 4 April (11 am)

Location: The Bower

Admiral Buzza and his three daughters visit the Goodwyn-Sandys. They are seduced by Geraldine’s charm. Sam Buzza enters and is similarly deceived. The reader learns that the Goodwyn-Sandys are actually Irish terrorists working for ‘Brady’.

Admiral Buzza decides to visit Kit’s House.

Chapter VIII

Date: Monday, 4 April (am)

Location: Troy river from Troy to Kit’s House (Mixtow Pill)

Admiral Buzza is rowed to Kit’s House by Jane and Calypso but is warned not to land by Caleb Trotter. He falls into the water and is rowed home in disgrace. As a result Mr. Fogo has a notice displayed forbidding any woman from stepping onto the property. Later, the Dearloves view it with displeasure.

Chapter IX

Date: Monday, 4 April (noon)

After being rowed back to Troy under the mirthful gaze of the dock workers, Admiral Buzza takes to his bed in high dudgeon. He remains: (p.88)

Date: April 5 -11 (Tuesday - Monday)  

The Misses Limpenny plan a social event at 1 Alma Villas. On the evening of Sunday the 10th, Miss Limpenny visits ‘The Bower’ and invites the Goodwyn-Sandys, who accept on the following morning.

Date: Monday, 11 April

Location: 1 Alma Villas

The ‘cumeelfo’ gather for a social event at the Limpennys. Geraldine Goodwyn-Sandys appears in a low-necked gown and the corruption of the ‘cumeelfo’ begins. Through the partition wall the Admiral’s double-bass can be heard playing the ‘Dead March’, a symbol of the spiritual death.

Chapter X

Date: Tuesday, 12 April (am & pm)

Eastern bank of the Troy river. The location lies between Mixtow Pill and Penpoll Creek. Fogo goes north to the 85 m. mark and a ridge which extends east to the 66 m. mark. The lane is from Henwood to Castle Farm. Tamsin Dearlove finds Fogo at a junction between Castle Farm and Lombard Farm.

Mr. Fogo’s walk, encountering a bull, a tramp, Susie Clemo, who will later be a bridesmaid at his wedding , and Tamsin Dearlove, whom he is later to marry, and who persuades him to remove the notice banning women. 

Chapter XI

Date: Tuesday, 12 April (evening)

Location: Kit’s House

Fogo and Caleb

Story 3: ‘The United Church o’ ‘Rig’nal Seceders.’ 

Chapter XII

Date: Tuesday, 12 April (morning), 8th from Buzza’s humiliation on 4 April

Location: Troy Town

Frederic Goodwyn-Sandys proposes the founding of a gentleman’s club for the select to be called ‘The Inexpressibles’, while the influence of Geraldine is starting to exacerbate marital tensions amongst the ‘cumeelfo’.

Frederic believes that he and Geraldine will have finished their mission in Troy in six weeks’ time.

Samuel Buzza and Mr. Moggridge are now completely under Geraldine’s influence.

Date: 1 May (morning) 

Location: The front of 2 Alma Villas

A satirical incident about the ‘cake’ involving Admiral Buzza, the boy from Mrs. Dymond of the ‘Man o’ War’, Mr. Goodwyn-Sandys and Mr. Fogo. Mr. Fogo, who courted the real Geraldine O’Halloran, is appalled at meeting so inferior a character as Frederic Goodwyn-Sandys.

The new club, now called the ‘Trojan Club’, is established in Nelson Row, with Admiral Buzza as President. Frederic uses the club as a place to watch the harbour for incoming barques. Sam Buzza notices the entry on the previous night of the ‘M…’, which turns out to be the Maryland.

The people of Troy notice a division between themselves and the ‘cumeelfo’ symbolised in the ‘Trojan Club'. 

Chapter XIII

Date: Six weeks after the 1 May, the week starting 12 June.

Location: Trojan Club, Nelson Street

The atmosphere in the Trojan Club has become increasingly fractious, with Mr. Moggridge and Sam Buzza secretly competing for the attentions of Geraldine. Admiral Buzza proposes a picnic up-river.

Location: Troy River

Instead of the whole of Troy being invited, as previously, only the ‘cumeelfo’ receive an invitation from Admiral Buzza. The ‘cumeelfo’ can be fitted into four boats of twelve occupants. The site of the picnic is probably the point of the Great Wood where Lerryn Creek joins Troy River.

Story 4: Farmer Menear and the porcelain egg.

A lonely Mr. Fogo follows the picnickers and lands to hear Geraldine manipulating the emotions of Mr. Moggridge. He contrasts Geraldine and Tamsin Dearlove. In a reverie he fails to notice the drift of his boat and plunges in after it.

Chapter XIV

Location: Troy River

Miss Priscilla Limpenny observes the scantily clad Mr. Fogo, becomes hysterical and faints. The situation is saved through the unexpected  appearance of Peter and Paul Dearlove. They row Mr. Fogo down river to their cottage where he is attended to by Tamsin.

Chapter XV

Location: Mixtow Pill

Geraldine is rowed down the river by Sam Buzza. They enter Mixtow Pill, where Geraldine discovers the abandoned hulk of ‘The Seven Sisters’ of Troy. She identifies it as a possible hideaway for an imminently expected cargo of dynamite. 

Chapter XVI

Location: Troy Harbour

The Maryland, captained by Uriah T. Potter, and carrying explosive disguised in a cask of ‘Wapshott’s Patent Compressed Tea’, berths near Bower Slip. Geraldine accompanies Mr. Moggridge aboard and effects the landing of the cask without inspection. The cask is later transported to ‘The Seven Sisters’. 

Chapter XVII

Location: Kit’s House

Mr. Fogo, who has heard through Caleb of the presence in Troy of Geraldine Goodwyn-Sandys, writes to her requesting an audience. Upon looking up he observes a man and a woman rowing away from ‘The Seven Sisters’ (having deposited the explosive). 

Chapter XVIII

Date: The week of 12 June. Saturday 18 June.

Location: Troy

Sam Buzza receives a note from Geraldine requesting him to collect a portmanteau from ‘The Seven Sisters’ and to transport it to Five Lanes Corner by 11.30 pm. He imagines himself eloping with Geraldine.

At ‘The Bower’ Mr. Fogo calls on Geraldine and identifies her as an imposter. A number of discontented  ‘cumeelfo’ wives call on Geraldine.

Frederic and Geraldine prepare for their exit from Troy.

10 pm

Sam Buzza collects the portmanteau from ‘The Seven Sisters’ under fire from Caleb Trotter. He rows across the river and climbs the hill to Five Lanes Corner. 

Chapter XIX

Date: Saturday

Location: Kit’s House

Story 5: The Commodore’s Progress

Caleb Trotter fires his blunderbuss at Sam Buzza under the impression that he is the ghost of a leper. 

Chapter XX

Date: Saturday, 18 June, from 11 pm

Location: Five Lanes Corner

Sam arrives at Five Lanes Corner preparing to elope with Geraldine. A chaise draws up, the portmanteau is accepted and Frederic and Geraldine disappear down the road. Sam is shortly joined by Mr. Moggridge and his mother, all having been deceived by Geraldine.

Chapter XXI

Date: Sunday, 19 June

Location: Troy

‘The Bower’ is found deserted, the Goodwyn-Sandys having absconded without satisfying their creditors. The churches are deserted as the creditors, with the ‘cumeelfo’ looking on, ransack ‘The Bower’.

Location: Kit’s House

Mr. Fogo boards ‘The Seven Sisters’. He discovers an empty cask and a small tin canister, all that remains of the explosives. It explodes and he is shot out into the mud. 

Chapter XXII

Date: Sunday, 19 June

Location: Kit’s House

Tamsin Dearlove is rowing home from Troy when she sees and hears the explosion aboard ‘The Seven Sisters’ and discovers Mr. Fogo lying in the mud. She returns him to Kit’s House, where he proposes to her, without success. 

Chapter XXIII

Date: Monday, 20 June

Location: Kit’s House

A delirious Mr. Fogo is nursed by Tamsin Dearlove – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.

Date: Tuesday, 21 June

Location: Troy

A newspaper reports the explosion under the heading, ‘Another Dynamite Plot’, to the consternation of the ‘cumeelfo’.

Chapter XXIV

Date: Wednesday, 6 July or Thursday, 7 July 

Location: Kit’s House

Mr. Fogo has been ill for two weeks and two days.

Mr. Fogo proposes to Tamsin and is eventually accepted at a dinner on Wednesday, 20 July.

Chapter XXV

Date: Early September, less than two months after the acceptance.


Mr. and Mrs. Fogo are absent from Troy for three years.