Hocken and Hunken

The Captain, who held the tiller, had ceased to look aft. His eyes were on the quay and the small town climbing the hillside above it in tier upon tier of huddled grey houses.
From Hocken and Hunken, Chapter 1
view of the Fowey river
Fowey river

Hocken and Hunken is one of Q’s novels that are set in Troy, a town based on Fowey, where he lived. It was published in 1912, when Q was a successful novelist. The book is a comedy, written with Q’s characteristic dash and style; it also provides fascinating insights into the lives and concerns of the people of Fowey.

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If you would like to read Hocken and Hunken for yourself, click here to see the text of the novel on the Project Gutenberg site. Alternatively, you can read a copy on the Internet Archive site.