Harry Revel

And still my shaken wits could not clutch at the meaning of what I saw. I only felt that there was something horrible, menacing, hideously malignant in the figure at my feet: only craved for strength of will to dash by it, reach the door and fling myself down the stairs—anywhere—away from it.
From Harry Revel, Chapter VII
Old photograph showing street view
West Looe Hill, the main route from Looe to Tallend and Polperro

Harry Revel begins as a murder mystery and ends as a historical novel set in the Peninsular War. It was published in 1903 by Cassell. The story is told from the point of view of a boy, Harry Revel, who is an innocent witness to the action.

On this page you can find a collection of resources about the novel. You can read about the bases of the plot and the geographical setting. There is also a chapter-by-chapter summary, some notes on the text and a description of all the main characters.

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You can read the novel yourself on the Internet Archive site or download the text from Project Gutenberg.