The Descendants of Jonathan Couch


This study contains information gathered from the census and birth, marriage and death records. It is provided as a useful source of reference for students of Q and his family.

The material presented here focuses on Dr Jonathan Couch, Q’s grandfather, and his descendants from his three marriages. Researched and written by Jane Prince, it accompanies the article on The Forebears of Jonathan Couch by Andrew Symons.

Further information on Jonathan Couch is available in the biography Jonathan Couch, which summarises the main events of his life, and in the study The Medical Training of Jonathan Couch, which explores the scientific context in which he worked.

Dr Jonathan Couch

Parents: Richard Couch and Philippa Minards

Born: Talland 15/3/1789

Died: Polperro, Lansallos 13/4/1870


Census records

1841:   Jonathan Couch 50 Surgeon Apothecary

            Jane 50 wife                                           

            Richard 25 Surgeon Apothecary

            Margaret 24 daughter

            Jonathan 21 son

            Thomas 15    "

            John 11  

            also Mary Pritchard aged 5

            and ? Oakly, 25, servant? [illegible]       



1851: Jonathan 62 Surgeon Apothecary

           Jane 60 wife

            Margaret Q. 33 Daughter

            Thomas Q. 24 Student in Medicine

            John Q. 20 Student

            Jonathan 30


1861: Jonathan Couch head 72 Medical Practitioner (general)

          Sarah Lander Couch 24 wife

          Bertha Couch daughter 7 months

          Margaret Steed  34 servant of all work

First Marriage of Jonathan Couch: Jane Prynn Rundle

Family tree of descendants of Jonathan Couch from his first marriage

Marriage:  14/8/1810 South Hill, Cornwall

Jane Prynn Rundle

First wife of Jonathan Couch

Also known as Jenny

Baptised: 13/8/1792 

Parents: Edward and Jane Rundle of Talland (source Pallot)

Died: in childbirth 14 Oct 1810 * Jane Rundle Couch


Jane Rundle Couch

Daughter of Jonathan Couch and Jane Prynn Couch (Jane Prynn Rundle)

Born: 5/10/1810* 

Baptised: 17/11/1811 Talland


(Actual birth record Jane Rundle Couch, also death record for Jane Prynn Couch not found.17/11/1811 date for baptism found)

* (Dates Private Memoirs Jonathan Couch pp. 22­24)

Married: 9/7/1832 at Lansallos, Peter Hitchens, gentleman farmer of Tregew (Tregue), Llansallos

There were six children from this  marriage, three of whom died young.

Their son Richard Couch Hitchens was born 2/10/1832 at Tregew, Lansallos in the presence of Jonathan Couch, surgeon and Hannah Hitchens. Baptism 4/11/1832 at Tregew.

(Source: Non-conformist register 9/4/1833)

They had five daughters:

Jane Rundle Hitchens b. 9/7/1834 * bp. 5/9/1834  d.1847*

                     Mary Elizabeth 22/8/1836 * bp. 22/12/1836  d. 1853*

                     Hannah b. 20/4/1839 m. Joseph Clark (who was in Valparaiso in 1865), d.1914 *

                     Sarah Ann b. 9/7/1841*

                     Rebecca c.1845 d. 1897

Between 1839 and 1841 Peter Hitchens and family moved to Brenchley, Kent where he was farming. The last two daughters were born there.

Peter Hitchens died 20/5/1846* tuberculosis. He seems to have been quite well off. His will leaves everything in trust to his wife Jane Rundle Hitchens and the children in equal shares, the children to receive their portions at the age of 25, except that he leaves £50 to fund his son Richard Couch Hitchens in whatever trade or profession he chooses to follow. His property etc. all to be sold and the money invested in public funds for the maintenance of his wife and children. His executors are his brother William Hitchens, of Lansallos and William Rundle, surgeon, of Southwark, London.

(Source Prerogative Court of Canterbury. *Date: Private Memoirs Jonathan Couch)

Jane Rundle Hitchins moved back to Polperro 19/8/1848.* (p. 116)


Richard Couch Hitchens

Only son of Jane Rundle Couch and Peter Hitchens

He decided on the Merchant Navy and gained his Second Mate's certificate from the Board of Trade on 19/6/1854 and First Mate on 11/12/1857.

Sailed for Valparaiso July 8 1848 on Canopus. Master his uncle Richard Rowett. *

Marriage record not found but had a son, Richard Hitchens, who was born in 1865in Port Louis, Mauritius (British Subject). See 1881 census below.

Also had another child *

Richard Couch Hitchens died 4/1867 of Yellow fever in Mauritius.*

Private Memoirs Jonathan Couch


1851 Census: Polperro

Jane Hitchens described as School Housekeeper

Mary 16; Hannah; Sarah born Brenchley; Rebecca born Brenchley – daughters, scholars.


1861 Census:  Talland

Jane Hitchens, Head, Fundholder

Rebecca daughter 16

Jonathan Couch, 40, Boarder, b Lansallos (son of Jonathan Couch and Jane Quiller Couch)


1871 Census

Jane Hitchens, Head, Annuitant 40

Rebecca Daughter 24


Rebecca married Richard Congdon, Blacksmith c.1873


1881 Census: Lansallos Street Polperro

Richard Congdon, Head, 31  Blacksmith

Rebecca, wife 34

Herbert son 7

William son 6

Rundle son 1

Also Jane Hitchens, mother-in-law,

Richard Hitchens, 16, scholar b. Port Louis, Mauritius, British Subject


1883 City and County Directories: Polperro

Jane Rundle Hitchens (Mrs) Shopkeeper (Drapers)


1891 Census: Ivy Cottage, Polperro, Lansallos

Richard Congdon Head, Blacksmith 42

Rebecca wife 45

Herbert son 17 Blacksmith

William son 16 draper

Rundle son 11 scholar

Mary dau. 6 scholar

Jane Hitchens mother-in-law, on own means

Fred Rody, 20, Apprentice Blacksmith


Jane Rundle Hitchens died last quarter 1891

Second Marriage of Jonathan Couch: Jane Quiller

Family tree of descendants of Jonathan Couch from his second marriage

Marriage: 12/6/1815 Polperro

Jane Quiller Couch 

Second wife of Jonathan Couch

Born: 23/9/1790*

Baptised:  10/1790  (Parents:  Richard and Mary Quillersource Pallot)  (*Private Memoirs Jonathan Couch p.101. )

Died: 3rd quarter 1857 (Civil Reg index )  d. 6/9/1857 Buried 10/9*                                                              

Children of Jonathan Couch and Jane Quiller Couch:

Richard Quiller C; Margaret Quiller C; John C; Jonathan C; Thomas Quiller C; John Quiller C.


Margaret Quiller Couch

Daughter of Jonathan Couch and Jane Quiller

Born: 5/6/1817 *

Lived at home. See 1841, 1851 census for Jonathan Couch

Died: 26/1/1858*  (On Civil Reg Index 1st quarter 1858) Buried Mabel Burrow, Lansallos, (Methodist Cemetery) Jan 28 * Private Memoirs Jonathan Couch.


John Quiller Couch 

Second son of Jonathan Couch and Jane Quiller

Born: 13/12/1818

Died: 11/12/1826


Jonathan Quiller Couch

Third son of Jonathan Couch and Jane Quiller

Born: 28/8/1820

Baptised:  25/11/1820

Died: 1897

(described on various census records as 'idiot from birth' and 'imbecile' but was not institutionalised.  According to Q was epileptic as child; of gentle disposition; in West Country terms 'not exactly' —Memories & Opinions)


Jonathan lived at home or with relatives all his life:

1841 Census           

Jonathan Couch, Head, 50 Surgeon Apothecary

Jane, 50, wife

Richard 25, Surgeon Apothecary

Margaret daughter 24

Jonathan 21

Thomas 15

John 11

also Mary Pritchard 5

? Oakly? 25 Servant?


1851 Census 

Jonathan Couch, Head, 62 Surgeon Apothecary

Jane, wife, 60

                       Margaret Q. daughter 33

                       Thomas Q. Student in medicine

                       John Q. 20 Student   

                       Jonathan 30                                        4

6/9/1857 Jane Quiller Couch died followed by Margaret 26/1/1858 and marriage to Sarah Lander Roose on 23/10/1858


1861 Census

Jonathan is a Boarder in the house of his half-sister Jane Rundle Hitchens together with her youngest daughter, Rebecca.


1871 Census: Lansallos Street, Polperro

Jonathan is a boarder with Sarah Lander Couch's mother:

Elizabeth Roose, Head, Housekeeper, 60, widow – Naval [illegible] widow

Jonathan Couch, Boarder, son of a surgeon, imbecile

Sarah Roose Couch, 9, granddaughter

(Note: This solves the mystery of where Sarah Roose Couch was at time of census—see Bertha Couch study)


1881 Census  

Jonathan is boarder in house of Thomas Braddon, Lansallos Street, next door to Jane Rundle Hitchens who was living in her son-in-law's household

Described as Jonathan Couch, Boarder, 66 'idiot from birth'


1891 Census: Lansallos Street, Polperro

Thomas Braddon, Head, 53, Tailor

Fanny, wife 52 *

Alfred,son, 25, Butcher

Fanny Roose, daughter, 22 schoolmistress

Ernest Albert son 19 Butcher

Susan Grace H. daughter 15

Nathaniel son 13 school

Jonathan Couch 70 boarder


( * Fanny Braddon nee Roose was Sarah Lander Couch's sister)


Jonathan died1st quarter of 1897 


Dr Richard Quiller Couch

Eldest son of Jonathan Couch and Jane Quiller

Born: c.1816 Polperro (records not found) Died: 8/5/1863

Marriage: to Lydia Penneck Pearce 25/6/1853 at Penzance, St Mary (Parents Richard and Sarah Pearce)

Children: Maria Jane, Sarah Lydia, Richard Pearce, Margaret Quiller


1841 Census: see father Jonathan Couch


1844: 19/3/1844 arrived Penzance.* (* Private Memoirs Jonathan Couch)


1851 Census: at Chapel St., Penzance


1861 Census: 37 Chapel St. Penzance

Richard Couch, Head, 44, Surgeon Gen. Practitioner

Lydia P. wife 34

Maria J. Daughter 7 scholar

Sarah L. dau. 5 scholar

Richard P. son 3 at home

Margaret Q. dau. 1 at home

Mary Weymouth? 18 servant—nurse born Ireland

Elizabeth Nicholls 19 Cook Born Gwennap Cornwall


Died: 8/5/1863

Probate granted to Lydia Penneck Couch 29/5/1863 at Bodmin (effects under £3,000)


Lydia Penneck Couch née Pearce

Wife of Dr Richard Quiller Couch

Born: Penzance 1827 bp 9/8/1827

Married: 25/6/1853 as above. Father, Richard Pearce described on certificate as 'gentleman'

Brought up Penzance Chapel Street. On 1841 and 1851 census with parents and sister, Maria, only sibling.

After death of Richard Quiller Couch, Lydia remained in Chapel Street


1871 Census: 23 Chapel Street

Lydia Penneck Couch, Head Widow Annuitant

Maria J. dau. 16 scholar

Sarah Lydia dau. 15 scholar

Margaret Q. dau. 11 scholar

Richard P. son 12 scholar

Ann M. Hayward Governess 58 born Surrey

Mary Grenfell 42 servant

Elizabeth Heyworth [illegible] Servant 28 born Staffs.


1881 Census: 21 Chapel Street

Lydia P. Couch Head 53 widow of surgeon

Maria J. dau. Unmarried  26

Sarah L. "            "            25

ichard P. son     "            22 merchant

Margaret Q. dau. "            21

Eliza Thomas Housemaid 26 born Porthleven

Amelia Glasson 26 Cook born Morvah


1891 Census: 21 Chapel Street

Lydia P. Couch Head W. 62 living on own means

Richard P. son single 31 Timber Merchant

Maria J. dau. 36 s.

Sarah L. dau. 35 s.

Margaret Q. dau. 20 s.

Maria Stenn? Age 4 visitor born Redruth

Elizabeth Bennett cook born Ludgvan


Lydia Penneck Couch died: last quarter 1894


Children of Dr Richard Quiller Couch and Lydia Penneck Couch 

Maria Jane Quiller Couch

Born: 28/5/1854 * bp. 25/6/1854 St Mary Penzance


Sarah Lydia Quiller Couch

Born: 21/3/1856* bp. 6/5/1856 Madron Penzance


Margaret Quiller Couch

Born: 1/1/1860 bp. 13/5/1860

(* Dates: Private Memoirs Jonathan Couch p.125)


After the death of their mother Lydia Penneck Couch they remained in Penzance and looked after their uncle John Quiller Couchwho lived at 10 Chapel Street.


1901 Census: 21 Chapel Street

Richard P. Couch Head single Importer and Merchant

Maria J.

Sarah L.

Margaret Q.

Grace Glasson Cook 28

Annie Thomas 23 Housemaid


After the death of their uncle John Quiller Couch, from whom they inherited some money, and the marriage of their brother Richard Pearce Couch, the three sisters moved to West Looe.


1911 Census: North Rd. West Looe

Maria J. Couch Head 63 single private means

Sarah L. sister 58 [error] single     "

Margaret Q. sister 55 single          "

Lily Whell 19 cook born Launceston

Irene Shentlebury Housemaid born Looe


Maria and Sarah died within a few months of each other:

Sarah died18/8/1920 of Sea View Looe Probate 22/11 to Margaret Q. C. £4,390 0s 11d

Maria died 10/1920 at Sea View Looe probate to Margaret Q. C. £6,002 14s 17d


Margaret Quiller Couch died 5/5/ 1933

Probate 14/6/1933 Bodmin to 'the Reverend William Slyman Picken, clerk Julia Grigg (wife of John Albert Grigg) and Charles Edgcombe Venning solicitor' Effects: £16, 964 11s 10d

( Note: Margaret left a large amount to the R.N.L.I which funded a life boat for Coverack. Launched by Q; Also there is a monument to her inscribed as 'a cousin of Sir Arthur Quiller Couch' which is carved by Violet Pinwill—famous lady ecclesiastical wood carver who also did the pew ends: church of  St Martin by Looe)


Richard Pearce Couch

Son of  Dr Richard Quiller Couch and Lydia Penneck Couch

Born: 7/1858 Penzance  

Died: 12/1913


Mayor of Penzance: 1898–1899 (photo Morrab Library photo archive)


Married: by licence on 30/4/1906 at Kew Parish Church, Surrey, aged 47 to

Beatrice Helena John,29, spinster, no occupation of Brunswick Lodge, 9 Kew Gardens, Kew, Surrey, daughter of Edward William John, solicitor (Inland Revenue)

Witnesses W.K. John & Rowland Powell


Daughter: Dorothy Gertrude Penneck Couch

Born: 11/2/1907 at Penzance


1911 Census: Rose-an-Down, Penzance (10 rooms)

Richard Pearce Couch Head of household, 50

Susan Thomas 58 Cook born Stithians

Abraham Thomas 63 husband of Susan worker at sawmill


Beatrice H. Couch (34)  visiting her sister Wilmot Constance John, single, private means at Walmer, Kent. House with 10 rooms & several people there including various with German names. With her was R.P.C.'s and Beatrice's daughter Dorothy aged 4.


Richard Pearce Couch died 12/1913


Dorothy Gertrude Penneck Couch

Daughter of Richard Pearce Couch and Beatrice Helena John

Married: Fritz Carl Langer  10/1934 Penzance


Fritz Carl Langer

Born: 15/6/1905 Herne, Germany

Merchant, living in Java, Indonesia


Dorothy and Fritz Langer had two children:

Dorette E. Langer

Born: 17/7/1935

Died 1st Q 1940 age 4


Richard John Penneck Langer

Born: 19/12/1937



1939 register

Beatrice H Couch widow d.o.b. 26/6/1876

18 Marine Terrace, Penzance

Managing Partner of Hotel

Fritz Carl Langer, d.o.b. 15/6/1905 Herne Germany Assistant Manager Mounts Bay Hotel

Married to Dorothy Gertrude P. Langer d.o.b. 11/2/07 boarding house proprietress plus children as above


Enemy Aliens:

Dorothy Gertrude Penneck Langer German citizen

Police reg. Cert. No 675039 Home Office ref. L1356

Exempted from internment 21/10/39

Now naturalised British Subject date 24/4/40

Domestic duties in Boarding House


Fritz Carl Langer

Police cert: 503873

Interned circular 21.6.40

Released cat. 12 7/10/40

Normal occupation Merchant – present assistant in mother-in-law's hotel business Mounts Bay Hotel


The family changed their name to Penneck: Dorothy 27/5/1943 Richard 7/7/43.

Fritz Carl Langer became Frederick Edgar Penneck


Beatrice H. Couch

Died: 7/11/1960 West Cornwall Hospital

Probate: 3/2/1961 : Dorothy Gertrude Penneck wife of Frederick Edgar Penneck


Dorothy G Penneck

Died: 1970


Frederick Edgar Penneck


Originally known as Fritz Carl Langer

Remarried: 1st Q 1974 Linda M. M. Schalhorn at Penzance

Died: 9/3/1984


Richard J. P.  Penneck

Married: Jeanette UREN, third quarter 1962, Penzance

Died: 1/1/2001, Cirencester, Glos.


Dr John Quiller Couch

Son of Jonathan Couch and Jane Quiller 

Born: 12/11/1830

Died: 6/11/1900


1841 and 1851 Census

Living in Polperro with Jonathan Couch


1858–1900 lived at 10 Chapel Street Penzance


Probate Calendar

24/8/1900 probate to Richard Pearce Couch Merchant, William Edgecumbe retired farmer & Mary Quiller Edgecumbe wife £17, 055 3s 2d

(Note: Will subject of court case)


Dr Thomas Quiller Couch 

Son of Jonathan Couch and Jane Quiller, father of Arthur Quiller-Couch

Born: 28/5/1826 bp. 28/9/1826 Wesleyan chapel Polperro

Died: 1884

Married: Mary Ford Ist Q 1863 Newton Abbot


Mary Ford

Born: c.1842 Highweek, Newton Abbot

Daughter of Elias Ford born c.1813 Abbotskerwell and Theophilia Ford née Clarke born c.1806 daughter of  draper. Elias Ford was grocer and tea dealer at Highweek.

The family moved to Home Farm, Abbotskerwell between 1861 and 1871, when Elias Ford became a farmer. Mary Ford now Couch is on 1871 census as visiting there.

Theophilia Ford died 10/1883

Elias Ford moved to Wolborough, Newton Abbot. On 1891 census Florence Mabel Quiller Couch 25 was visiting at the time.

Elias Ford died last quarter 1892 at Wolborough.


1841 and 1851 Census: as for Jonathan Couch father

1855: 14/5/1855 left Polperro to join extensive medical practice of John Ward as assistant.*

(*Private Memoirs of Jonathan Couch p.128)

1861 Census

Thomas Q. C. at Fore St Bodmin with one servant Elizabeth Wallis 28


Thomas Quiller Couch and Mary Ford had five children:

Arthur Thomas Quiller Couch  'Q'

Florence Mabel Couch

Lilian Mary Couch

Harold Quiller Couch

Cyril Courtenay Couch


Census records

House of Dr Thomas Quiller Couch and his wife Mary, 63 Fore Street Bodmin


1871 Census

Thomas Q. Couch, head, male, 44, Polperro Cornwall

Mary Couch, wife, female, 29, Newton Abbott, Devon

Arthur T. Couch, son, male, 7, Bodmin, Cornwall

Florence M. Couch, Daughter, female, 5, Bodmin, Cornwall

Herbert L. Harwood, Boarder, male, 19, Almondbury, Gloucestershire

Anne Morris, Servant, female, 23, St Judy, Cornwall

Annie Trebilcock, servant, female, 19, St Columb, Cornwall


1881 Census:   Fore St Bodmin

Thomas Q. Couch, head, male, 54, Polperro

Mary Couch, wife, female, 38, Newton Abbot, Devon

Florence Mabel Couch, daughter, female, 15, Bodmin, Cornwall

Lilian Mary Couch, daughter, female, 14, Bodmin, Cornwall,

Harold Quiller Couch, son, male, 9, Bodmin, Cornwall

Cyril Courtenay Couch, son, male, 4, Bodmin

Ellen Sleeman, servant, female, 20, Bodmin

Eliza Harris, servant, female, 18, South Sydenham, Devon


Thomas Quiller Couch died last quarter 1884

Mary Quiller Couch and family moved to Oxford


1891 Census: 21 St Margaret's Road, Oxford (Parish of St Giles)

Mary Quiller-Couch, head, 48, widow

Lilian M. Daughter, single, 24, occup. 'literary' born Bodmin

Harold Quiller Couch son single 19 scholar b. Bodmin

Cyril C. son single scholar 13 b. Bodmin

2 boarders:

Hammond Doherty, married, 29, living on own means, born London, Mayfair

Francis J. Robinson, single, scholar, born Berks, Wootten.

Eliza F. Pursell, servant, single, 25, General Domestic Servant, Born Devon, Stonehouse * ( *transcription error for Stonehaven?)


Mary Quiller-Couch died 7? 10 1899 at 21 St Margarets Road and was buried 11/10/1899 atm Wolverscote Cemetery.


Mabel and Lilian Quiller-Couch

Daughters of Dr Thomas Quiller Couch and Mary Ford


Florence Mabel Couch

Born: 17/6/1865

Died: 17/11/1924

Buried: The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead, Church Row, London NW3 6UU. Grave G032


Lilian Mary Couch

Born: 25/10/1866

Died: 5/1/1942


Married: to John James Hay Lobban 28/7/1910. Christchurch, Hampstead

John Hay Lobban, 39, University Lecturer, son of Wm. Lobban

Witnesses: Arthur Quiller-Couch and Alexandra Lobban


1901 Census: Hampstead, London [16 Downshire Hill]

Florence Mabel occup. Journalist

Florence M. Quiller Couch, head, female, 30, Bodmin

Lilian M. Couch, sister, female, 28, Bodmin

Katherine E. Williamson, visitor, female, 30,Scotland, Balnagarn, Ross

Florence E. Pursell, servant, female, 29, Stonehaven, Devonshire


1911 Census:  Hampstead, London [16 Downshire Hill]

Florence M Quiller Couch, head, female, 45, Bodmin

Eliza Florence Pursell, servant, 45, Stonehaven, Devonshire.


1911: Lilian and John Lobban 37 Downshire Hill Hampstead

8 rooms, 1 domestic servant, Laura Simpson, 21


1917–1924: Mabel lived with Lobbans


1931 electoral register Lobbans still at 37 Downshire Hill.


1936: John Lobban retired and they moved to Essex.


John Hay Lobban died in 1939

8/2/1939 Death of John Hay Lobban of South Cottage, Great Chesterford Essex

Probate: to widow, Lilian Lobban £2,178 6s 8d

1939 register: Lilian, widow, retired,  is living at South St Saffron Walden, with one servant.


1942: Lilian died

5/1/1942 death of Lilian of South Cottage, Great Chesterford, Essex.

Probate granted to Foy Felicia Quiller-Couch spinster.


John James Hay Lobban

Husband of Lilian Mary Quiller-Couch

Born: 1871 in Aberdeenshire

Lectured in English Literature at Birkbeck College, University of London


Harold Quiller Couch

Son of Dr Thomas Quiller Couch and Mary Ford, brother of Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch 

Born: 15/3/1872

Baptised: 17/4/1872

Died: 22/4/1950


Married: (1) Ist Quarter 1899  in Oxford, Emma Redfern née Godfrey, widow with three children


Census 1881, 1891

As above living with father and mother 


1901 Census: 35 Broughton Road, South Fulham 3 rooms

Harold Q. Couch Bus conductor

Emma wife

[step children]

Edward Redfern b. c.1888

Alice Redfern b. c.1890                      

Kate Redfern b. c.1891


1911 Census:  23 Atalanta Road West Fulham

Harold Q. C. 39 married 12 years no children, cashier for omnibus co.

Emma wife 50

(Emma Godfrey born c.1865 Berrow Somerset)



Married: (2) Evelyn Kathleen Stella Stimson née Cross last quarter 1929

Evelyn was born 19/6/1883.

Her first marriage to Stimson was in1910


1930-35 electoral registers they are still living at 23 Atalanta Road


1939 register

Harold and Evelyn Quiller Couch living at 7 Mexico Cottages, Phillack Hayle, Cornwall. Harold is retired depot Inspector LTTB and Evelyn unpaid domestic duties


Harold died 22/4/1950

Probate: to widow £850

Evelyn died in 1974


Cyril Courtnay Quiller Couch

Son of Dr Thomas Quiller Couch and Mary Ford, brother of Sir Arthur Quiller Couch

Born: 2nd quarter 1877

(Note: Q's maternal grandmother Theophilia Ford née Clarke was reputedly descended from the Courtenay family, Earls of Devon)


1881 & 1891 Census

Living with parents, as above


Married: (1) Mandie or Maudie born Walthamstow (record not found)


1901 Census: boarding house, 6 Clarendon St St Thomas Oxford

Mary V Stone Head 69 widow

Sarah A Baily niece s. 42

Albert E Gibbs Boarder s. 19

Cyril C Couch Boarder Married 24 Tailor's Traveller

Mandie? (poss Maudie) Couch married 24 born London, Walthamstow


Married: (2) Last quarter 1911 Phyllis Willcocks at Lambeth


Cyril admitted to Constance Road Workhouse, Southwark, London  21/6/1915

Suffering from 'debility'; class for diet '2'; previous occupation 'bookseller'

Noted: 'Transfer' but no details


Died: July 1915?  

Burial:  27/9/1915 Southwark

According to Rowse, Q paid all expenses

His widow Phyllis Willcocks moved to Brighton and remarried (1) 1921 Isak/Isaac Govid and (2) 1931 Edward Hill


 Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

Son of Dr Thomas Quiller Couch and Mary Ford. Also known as Q

Born: 21 Nov 1863 Bodmin 

Died: 12/5/1944


1871 Census 

At Bodmin with parents, see Thomas Quiller Couch

1881 Census: At Clifton College, Bristol in College House, aged 17.

1882: Oxford

Entry in Oxford Men and Their Colleges 1880-1892:

'Couch, Arthur Thomas (Quiller-) born at Bodmin, Cornwall, 21 Nov, 1863, 1s Thomas Quiller Couch. Gent. TRINITY matric 14 Oct 82 aged 18 (from Newton Abbot and Clifton Colls) Scholar 82-6 Honours:- 1 Classical Mods, 84, 2 Classics 86; Novelist'


Married:  22/8/1889  Louisa Amelia Hicks at Fowey


Louisa Amelia Hicks

Wife of Arthur Quiller-Couch

Born:  22 Feb 1861 bp. 26/3/1861 Lanteglos

Died: Mar 1948


Daughter of John Hicks (born 21/10/1824,  buried 30/12/1867 Lanteglos)

and Ann (born c.1826 Lanteglos)


One sister, Jane Ann Hicks (the 'Jinny' of Q's letters)


John Hicks

Father-in-law of Arthur Quiller-Couch

Captain in Merchant Navy.

Master's and Mates Certificate of Service granted by Registrar General of Seamen

22/6/1851 for 17 years service in the British Merchant Service (Foreign Trade)


1861 Census  

Ann Hicks, Head, 35 Captain's Wife Merchant Service

Jane A. Dau. 7 scholar

Louisa A. 1 month


Ann Hicks

Mother-in-law of Arthur Quiller-Couch

As a widow moved to North St Fowey


1871 Census

Ann Hicks, Head, Widow 44

Louisa aged 10


1881 Census

Ann Hicks, Head, Widow 55 b. Lanteglos by Fowey

Jane Ann 27                                        "

Louisa A.  20                                       "


Jane Ann Hicks

Sister of Louisa Hicks, sister-in-law of Arthur Quiller-Couch

Born: c.1856/7  

Married: c.1883/4 Joseph Augustine Blamey of Veryan.  

The Blamey family were yeoman farmers with about 300 acres at Veryan. Joseph and Jane farmed at Caragloose (now owned by the National Trust) and his brother, Willam Colliver Blamey at Pennare. They had a son, two little girls who died young, then a daughter Betty,who married Francis Symondsonparents of Guy Symondson, Q's great-nephew, who inherited The Haven from Q's daughter Foy. )


Louisa and Arthur Quiller-Couch had two children:


Bevil Brian Quiller-Couch

Born: 12/10/1890 Fowey  

Died: 6/2/1919


Foy Felicia Quiller-Couch

Born: 18/9/1899 Fowey     

Died: 25/2/1986



1891 Census: Fore Street, Fowey—lodgings

Mary Ann Hock, head, single, China Dealer b. Fowey

Arthur T. Quiller Couch Boarder Marr. 27 Author, Bodmin

Louis A. Quiller Couch Wife 29, Fowey

Bevil Brian Quiller Couch son 5 months                         “

Ellen Jago, single, 21, servant                                          “

David Dervan? Boarder, single 69, no occ. b.  Dumferline, Fife Scotland

Osbourne R. Wattley Boarder S. 21 Wine Merchant's Assis.  b. Devon, Sidmouth   


1901 census : The Haven, Fowey

Arthur T. Quiller-Couch, Head, 37, Author, Bodmin

Louisa A. Quiller-Couch wife 39, Lanteglos by Fowey

Bevil B. Quiller-Couch Son 10, Fowey

Foy F. Quiller-Couch dau. 1, Fowey

Annabella Bernafoot  ? [illegibe] S. servant 25 Nurse, Oxon. Forest Hill

Alice Kinver S. 20 Cook, Lansallos

Florence Hilda Tabb S. 19 Parlourmaid, Lanteglos

Eliza Jeffrey Littleman ? S. 18 Housemaid, Fowey


In 1910 Q received a knighthood


1911 Census: The Haven, Fowey

Arthur T. Quiller-Couch Head 47 M. author (novelist, critic) working on own account at home

Louisa Amelia Quiller-Couch 48 M. 21 yrs 2 ch. bn. Alive 2 living, Lanteglos

Bevil Brian Quiller-Couch son 20 S. student undergraduate, Fowey

Foy Felicia Quiller-Couch dau. 11 S., Fowey

Elizabeth Ludlam servant 25 S. Governess, Derbyshire, Youlgrave

Alice Kinver Servant 29 S. Cook, Polperro

May Smith Servant 24 S. Parlourmaid, Liverpool

Annie Luke Servant 27 S. Housemaid, Polruan


In 1919 Major Bevil Brian Quiller-Couch DSO MC, Royal Field Artillery, died6/2/1919 at Langerwehe, Düren, Germany with the Army of Occupation of influenza, Remains moved to South Cologne Cemetery


1939 Register

  1. Quiller-Couch, Arthur 21  Nov. 63  marr. Author
  2. Quiller-Couch Louisa 22 Feb. 1861 marr. unpaid domestic duties
  3. Quiller-Couch Foy F. 18/9/00 S.
  4. Knafke Hedewig F 5/10/1910 S. Parlourmaid *
  5. Rowe Kathleen F 12/3/1911 S. housemaid

*this record is crossed out and says see page 19 but record is blanked out


Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch died12/5/1944

Probate record: Quiller-Couch,  Sir Arthur Thomas of The Haven, Fowey, Cornwall, Knight, died 12 May 1944. Probate Bodmin 12 August to Louisa Amelia Quiller-Couch widow and Foy Felicia Quiller-Couch, spinster. Effects £5,431 0s 9d.


Louisa Amelia, Lady Quiller-Couch died Mar. 1948


Foy Felicia Quiller-Couch

1941: Made a JP

1975:  Cornwall Telephone Directory

The Haven, Esplanade Fowey 3353  and Tregegals, Lanhydrock House, Lanhydrock, Bodmin 3482

Died: 25 Feb 1986 at St Lawrence's Hospital Bodmin

Probate: 24/3: £133,102


Third Marriage of Jonathan Couch: Sarah Lander Roose

Descendants of Jonathan Couch from his third marriage

Marriage:  23 Oct. 1858 at United Methodist Free Church, Greenbank.


Sarah Lander Roose

Third wife of Jonathan Couch

Born: 1836 Brownsea Island Dorset

Died: 1923

Parents: Robert Roose (mariner and coastguard) and Elizabeth (Eliza) née Lander



Fanny Roose married Thomas Braddon

Jane Roose married  Mark Daniels 

Susan Roose married Barratt 

(plus several other siblings)


Jane (Roose) Daniel


Sister of Sarah Lander Roose

Born Swanage c.1834/5

Married: Mark Daniel 17/10/1863 Liskeard;

Died: 15/12/1907 St Ive (Callington)

Children: Margaret (M. Foott), John Henry, Thomas, Ann (m. Sambells), Jane (m. Perkins)


Fanny (Roose) & Thomas Braddon

Sister of Sarah Lander Roose and her husband

Lived Polperro: see above Jonathan Couch, son of Jonathan Couch; as did  Sarah Roose Couch's mother Eliza, and sister Susan Barratt)


Jonathan Couch and Sarah Lander Couch had four children:

Bertha Couch, born11/9/1860

Sarah Roose Couch, born 1862

Lydia, born & died 1863

Clarinda Couch, born 1867


1861 Census

As for Jonathan Couch


1870: Death of Jonathan Couch


1871 Census:  Callington, St Ive

Sarah Lander Couch 35,widow,  Bertha 10 & Clarinda 3 visitors at house of Mark Daniels, 34, Blacksmith, born St Ive

Jane, wife, 36 b. Swanage, Dorset

Children aged 5,4,2, 1,1, and 3 months


Sarah Roose Couch was living at Lansallos St, Polperro with her grandmother Eliza Roose & Jonathan Couch


1880: Sarah Lander Couch married James Lean Registrar


James Lean

Second husband of Sarah Lander Couch

Born: 1812 St Mawes

Widower, married twice before, previous time to Mary Coode. Various census records describe him as: innkeeper; Gentleman; coal merchant and farmer of 6 acres; Municipal Registrar


1881 Census: High Elms Register Office, Tywardreath, St Austell

James Lean 69 Registrar of B.M.D. born St Mawes

Sarah Lean 45 born Swanage

Clarinda Couch 13 born Polperro, stepdaughter, scholar


1882: James Lean died1st quarter 1882, St Austell


Clarinda Couch

Youngest daughter of Jonathan Couch and Sarah Lander Roose

Born: 9/6 /1867        

Died: 10/11/1944


1871 & 1881 Census

Living with mother


1891 Census: 195 High Road, Willesden, Middlesex

Sarah Lean, 55, widow, living on own means

Clarinda Couch Dau. single 23


Married: Henry James Sherwood 15/12/1897

At St Simon, Hammersmith, by banns, Henry James Sherwood, 34, bachelor,, builder of Anley Road, son of Edward Sherwood (decd.) carpenter to Clarinda Couch, age 30, spinster, of 5 Camden Gardens, dau. of James [sic] Couch (dec.) surgeon. Witnesses:  Sarah Lean, mother & Bertha Couch, sister


1901 Census: 5 Camden Gardens

Sarah Lean, living on own means


31 Westwick Lane, Hammersmith

Henry James Sherwood, 37, Jobbing builder & decorator, employer

Clarinda, wife, 33


1911  Census: Bashley, New Milton, Hants a 7 roomed house

Henry James Sherwood, 47, retired builder

Clarinda, wife, 43, married 13 years, no children

Sarah Lean, 75, widow


1919: Henry James Sherwood died 5/4/1919at Teresta, Dibden Pulieu, Hythe, Hants.

Probate: 5/5/19 to Clarinda wife £1430 15s 7d


1921: Clarinda Sherwood married Rev. Frank Tatlow Fogerty (born c.1888, Lymington, Hants)


1923: Death of Sarah Lean (née Sarah Lander Roose, widow of Jonathan Couch)


1944: Death of Clarinda Fogerty (née Couch) 10/11/1944 at The Vicarage, Goxhill, Lincs.

Probate: to husband £2,988

Interred: Dibden Purlieu, Hants.


Her husband, Rev. F. T. Fogerty died 10/5/1968 Lincs


Monument, All Saints Burial Ground, Dibden Purlieu, Hants

Henry James Sherwood 1919

Sarah Lean 1923

Clarinda Fogerty 1944

F.T. Fogerty *


*no date so probably interred at Lincs. Source: GPR grave no 503235


Bertha Couch

Daughter of Jonathan Couch and Sarah Lander Roose

Born: 11/9/1860

Died:  28/4/1942


1861 & 1871 Census

As for parents

 1881: Bertha aged 20 governess to Edith Eyre, aged 8, only child of Jonathan and Catherine Eyre of High Street, Launceston. Jonathan was chemist and distiller.

1891: Bertha Couch 29 visitor in the household of Arthur and Florence Mors, Paddington, London.

1901: Bertha Couch nurse in residence of Captain George W. Burgess of the 13th Regiment in Devonport.

1911: Bertha domestic nurse in family of Barrister at the Bar Herbert Cohen at 15 Gloucester Square, Paddington.


Died: 28/4/1942 at 'Lanjeth', Bolenna, Perranporth. Unmarried

Probate: to Leonard Couch, schoolmaster and Jonathan Couch, solicitor, £793 15s 4d


Sarah Roose Couch

Daughter of Jonathan Couch and Sarah Lander Roose

Born: 13/1/1862

Died: 15/11/1945


1871 Census: Lansallos St Polperro

Sarah 9 living with maternal grandmother Eliza Roose & Jonathan Couch (disabled son of Jonathan Couch)


1881 Census

Not found. Grandmother Eliza Roose living alone. Sarah perhaps with Roose

relatives at Stoke Damerel where her first child was born.


Married c.1884 (record not found) Jonathan Couch


Jonathan Couch

Husband of Sarah Roose Couch

Born: c.1853 Charlestown.

Parents: Edward Couch b. 2/10/1808 St Austell, died 1888 and Hannah Tresise b. c.1810/11 Newlyn East

(Marriage 18/1/31 St Dunstans Stepney by London: Edward, son of William Couch & Elizabeth Crabb of the parish of Charlestown to Hannah Tresise of this Parish (Stepney), daughter of James Tresise & Jennifer Martyn. Witnesses Joseph Couch and Sarah Brown.)


Siblings of Jonathan Couch

Elizabeth J. 1832

Hannah Tresises 1834 (m. John Higman)

Edward 1836 bp. 26/12/36

Elizabeth 1841 bp. 17/6/1841 St Austell 

Mary-Anne b. 1838 d. 1909 bp. 31/3/1839 (m. William Charles Payne)

Enon 1839–1890

Ellen/Helen 1843 bp. 5/1/43

William 1846 bp. 26/3/1846 St Austell

William James 1848 (Seaman) bp. 17/4/1848 St Austell

Henry 1850 (Seaman)

Humphrey 1852/3

Kate 1855–1876


1880:  Jonathan Couch of St Austell, Master Mariner Certificate 11/12/1880

1881 Census

Jonathan Couch, 27, single, born Charlestown,  Master of Ship Fortunate plus 4 crew


Jonathan Couch and Sarah Roose Couch had three children:

Kate Winifred




1891 Census: Union Road, Mount Charles, St Austell

Sarah Roose Couch 29 b Polperro

Winifred Kate dau. 6 b. Stoke Damerel, Devonshire

Leonard son 4 b. St Austell

Jonathan son 2 b. St Austell

Fanny Ann Truscott 18 general servant


1901 Census: Randall Road, Mount Charles, St Austell

Sarah Roose Couch Head married 39 b.Polperro

Winifred dau. 16 b. Devon Stoke Damerel

Leonard son 16 b.St Austell

Jonathan son 12 b. St Austell


1911 Census: Polcou, Ranelagh Rd.  St Austell House 7 rooms exc. scullery, bathroom, closet etc.

Jonathan Couch head 57 Master Mariner b. Charlestown

Sarah Roose Couch 49 married 26 years, 3 children alive, none died

Winifred Kate dau. 26 single

Jonathan son 22 single solicitor's clerk


Jonathan Couch died 26/9/1924

Probate: 26/9/1924 Death of Jonathan Couch at Polcou, Ranelagh Rd, St Austell. Probate granted 6/1/1925 to Sarah Roose Couch widow £432. 1s


1945: Sarah Roose Couch died 15/11/1945 at 12 Edgecumbe Ave., Newquay. Probate granted to Jonathan Couch, solicitor, and Leonard Couch, schoolmaster.


Winifred Kate Couch

Daughter of Sarah Roose Couch and Jonathan Couch, grandaughter of Dr Jonathan Couch

Born: 1885, Stoke Damerel, Devon, bp. 25/10/1885 St Austell

Died: 30/3/1941


1891, 1901 & 1911 Census

As parents, above


1915: last quarter, married John George Jenkins


1937: John George Jenkins died 24/4/1937

John George Jenkins of Sunnyside, Trewoon, St Mewan, Cornwall  d. 24/4/1937

Probate: Bodmin, 22/6/1937 to Winifred Kate Jenkins, widow £1,779


1939 register: Winifred patient at Bodmin Mental Hospital, previous occupation noted as unpaid domestic duties.


1941: Winifred died Bodmin,  30/3/1941

Probate: address given as 28 Alexandra Road, St Austell. Probate 24 Jul 1941 to William Garfield Scown, solicitor, £1,085 14s 6d. Re-sworn £3,019 3s 6d


Dr Leonard Couch

Son of Sarah Roose Couch and Jonathan Couch, grandson of Dr Jonathan Couch


Born: 20/4/1886 St Austell, bp. 25/7/1886 St Austell

Died: 22/4/1975


1891 & 1901 Census

As for parents, above


Married:  Gwendoline Blowey Carveth July quarter 1913 at St Austell

(Gwendoline Carveth born 15/8 1884 Stockton, Warks., in 1891 lived at Mount Charles, St Austell with her mother Emma Carveth, widow, 35 sub-postmistress)

Leonard Couch was Assistant Master at Wandsworth Grammar School


Electoral registers

Leonard and Gwendoline lived at 19, Hambledon Rd S.W. Putney

By 1926 they had moved to Wimbledon Park Road


1929: Leonard Couch was appointed Headmaster of Leyton County High School for Boys starting 1st January 1930.


1939 Register: Leonard Couch, Gwendoline B. Couch Unpaid domestic duties. Adult Helper with Evacuation


Gwendoline died 11/5/1968

Probate: Gwendoline Blowey Couch of 15 Brooklyn Avenue, Loughton, Essex d. 11/5/1968 Probate London 18/7/1968 £4,189


Leonard died 22/4/1975 at Tycehurst Hill, Loughton, Essex.

Probate: London £482

(Leonard and Gwendoline had a daughter Gwendoline Blowey L Couch who married Reginald C. Morgan in Jul 1943, Chertsey, Surrey. Leonard and Gwendoline may have had other children but no records found.)


Jonathan Couch

Son of Sarah Roose Couch and Jonathan Couch, grandson of Dr Jonathan Couch


Born: 12/2/1889 St Austell Bp. 25/5/1890

Died: 8/10/1977


1891, 1901 & 1911 Census

As parents, above


Married: Alice Harriet Lang (or Long) (1886-1975) of Depwade, Norfolk


1939 Register

Registered as Solicitor, Newquay with wife Alice & two children, Jonathan born 1928, incapacitated and one other blocked out (probably still living)


(Note: Sarah his mother died at 12 Edgecumbe Ave., Newquay so that was probably his address)


Jonathan died 8/10/1977 Bucks



Bibliography: The Descendants of Jonathan Couch