Lydia Penneck Couch

Lydia Penneck Couch was the wife of Richard Quiller Couch (Q's uncle) and the daughter of Richard Pearce.

Her father, Richard Pearce, was a distinguished member of Penzance society and was five times mayor.

She was widowed in 1863 and continued to live in Chapel Street, Penzance.

The following facts are recorded about Lydia Couch and her children:

1883-1893: Mrs. Lydia Couch and R.P. Couch recorded living at 21 Chapel Street.

Richard Couch is a councillor for the West Ward.

1893: Batten and Couch are listed as timber importers, general merchants, steam saw mills, coal yards.

1898-1899: Lydia's son, Richard Pearce Couch is Mayor of Penzance. Q spoke at the Mayoral Banquet on the 16th of November 1898. Reported in The Cornish Telegraph.

1902: Mrs. Couch and Misses Couch recorded living at 21 Chapel Street.

Her son Richard Couch is Councillor for West Ward.

1910: Richard Pearce Couch recorded living at Rose-an-Dour, Alexandra Road, Penzance.
Councillor and Alderman.
Batten and Couch, as above.