Dead Man’s Rock

On the metal were traced some characters which I could not read. The tin box was heavy and plain, and the strap soaking with salt water.
From Dead Man's Rock, Chapter V
Cover of Dead Man's Rock showing rocks jutting out into the sea

Dead Man’s Rock was Q’s first novel. Although Q did not think it was one of his best works it is undoubtedly an exciting tale that shows his powers as a storyteller. It was published in 1887 by Cassell & Company. 

In this part of the site you can find a collection of resources about the novel. You can read an outline of the plot or a chapter-by-chapter summary, plus and explanation of the structure of the plot. There are short articles about the writing of Dead Man’s Rock, the geography of the novel, and themes that Q developed in later writings. You can also find profiles of the main characters in the book.

There is also a longer study linked to Dead Man’s Rock that discusses Q’s family history and the light it sheds on the novel.

You can read the novel yourself on the Internet Archive site or download the text from Project Gutenberg.