The Couch Family in the 16th and 17th Centuries

1558: The name of Couch appears on an assessment for the relief of the poor in Talland parish, including West Looe, Talland and eastern Polperro.

1653: John and Tristram Couch names on the Talland parish register.

1671: Ebbett Couch (Will). Elizabeth Couch (Administration). Repeated 1678-9.

1701: Roger Couch, Talland (Will).

17??: Samuel Couch of Talland has ten sons, only Jonathan remaining at Talland.

173?: Jonathan Couch marries Margaret Rowett.

1738: Samuel Couch dies.

1739, 30 April: Birth of Richard Couch, the only son of Jonathan and Margaret Couch.

174?: Jonathan Couch dies.

4 years pass

174?: Margaret Couch, nee Rowett, marries Thomas Freethy, seaman, moving from Teresta in Talland village to Polperro.

1750s: Richard Couch follows and then abandons his step-father’s occupation of seafaring and becomes a fish merchant in Polperro.

1762, 1 September and 1768, 16 September: John Wesley preaches in Polperro.
Margaret Freethy and her son Richard Couch join the Methodist society.

17??      marries Philippa (Filly) Minards (b.1744). Probably a Methodist relationship.

1786: Death of Margaret Freethy (Couch, Rowett).