Here you will find brief introductions to the lives of Q and some of the important members of his family. From the biographies, you can move through to longer studies about particular individuals and the times in which they lived.

Arthur Quiller-Couch Author, critic and academic 1863 to 1944
John Quiller Couch Uncle of Q and a doctor in Penzance 11th Nov 1830 to 11th Nov 1900
Thomas Quiller Couch Q's father, doctor and botanist 26th May 1826 to Oct 1884
Jonathan Couch Q's grandfather, distinguished naturalist and antiquarian 1789 to 1870
Sarah Lander Couch Jonathan Couch's third wife 1836
Richard Quiller Couch Q's uncle, doctor, investigator of occupational diseases and naturalist 14th Mar 1816 to 9th May 1863
The Couch Family in the 16th and 17th Centuries The ancestors of Jonathan Couch, Q's grandfather
Lydia Penneck Couch Q's aunt, wife of Richard Quiller Couch
Richard Pearce Father-in-law of Richard Quiller Couch and a distinguished man of Penzance 22nd Nov 1792 to 23rd Aug 1862